Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accident Attorneys Serving the Seattle, WA Area

A trucking accident is very different from a normal car accident. The sheer weight of a semitruck can make any accident catastrophic, resulting a significant injuries and emotional trauma.

However, trucking accidents are unique not only for their severity, but also for the intensity of their litigation. Because the parties involved in the accident include not just individual truck drivers but also the trucking companies who employ them, the lawsuit can become quite complicated.

If you or a family member were involved in a commercial truck accident, you need help from Otorowski, Johnston, Morrow and Golden PLLC. When you work with a truck accident attorney from our firm in Seattle, WA, we’ll work hard to protect your interests against the trucking company’s insurance company.

Let Our Trucking Accident Lawyer Guide Your Case

Trucking accident lawsuits have unique considerations. For example, if a truck jackknifes or collides with a car during an accident, there is a possibility that a truck driver would not be held liable for any injuries or damage. Everything depends on the evidence and how that evidence is presented.

You need experienced attorneys who understand the intricacies of trucking law to advocate on your behalf. The attorneys at Otorowski, Johnston, Morrow and Golden PLLC will help you create a comprehensive legal plan to defend your interests before the law. We can investigate the accident and find the evidence that corroborates your experience.

Trust Our Expertise

Otorowski, Johnston, Morrow and Golden PLLC dedicates itself to being the legal experts in Seattle, WA when it comes to medical science. Many of our lawyers have medical training, and our firm keeps an experienced physician on staff to evaluate injuries. If you have an injury, we have the resources to show how your trucking accident caused it.

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