Can You Sue Even If You Signed a Waiv...

Can You Sue Even If You Signed a Waiver?

It’s easy to become injured during a workout class, ski trip, summer camp, or high-adventure activity. These are the types of activities that often require liability waivers before you can participate. Companies require waivers to help protect themselves from expensive litigation if people injure themselves.

Birth Injuries: Understanding Liabili...


If your child was injured during birth, during gestation, or while receiving postpartum care, you may be struggling to understand where you can turn for compensation and direction so you can care for your baby. Birth injuries sometimes are not preventable, but other times they occur because of human error, poor decision making, or improper […]

9 Steps to Take After a Dog Attack


Most dogs are loving, attention-seeking creatures and are often excellent companions to people from all walks of life. But not every canine is consistently friendly. Sometimes, dogs will attack unprovoked, and the resulting injuries can complicate an individual’s personal and professional life. The American Humane Association reported that approximately 4.7 million people sustain dog bite […]

Outdoor Adventure Opportunities Bring...


Outdoor opportunities for recreation and adventure are abundant across the country’s rugged, primitive settings. While the odds of having fun are in your favor, opportunities to suffer serious injury due to another’s negligence are also an unfortunate possibility. If you feel you’ve suffered unnecessary injury while on an outdoor excursion anywhere in the Western United […]