The law firm of Otorowski Johnston Morrow & Golden, PLLC has over 140 years of combined experience representing seriously injured persons. Three of our attorneys were practicing registered nurses before becoming attorneys. In addition, the firm has a highly experienced physician on staff who is a retired pulmonologist/critical care specialist to assist with proper analysis of medical issues as they relate to your injury.
Jane Morrow, RN, JD
Susan C. Eggers, RN, JD
Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice happens, taking the lives of more people than all car accidents combined.
Robotic Surgery
Robotic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace in hospitals across the United States.
Pharmaceutical Injuries
There are thousands of prescription medications on the market, many of which have the potential to cause significant harm.
Medical Device Failures
Medical devices can cause injury or death because of malfunction or improper instructions to the patient.
Defective Products
Our daily life involves hundreds and hundreds of products, consumer and industrial, on which we depend.
Automobile and Truck Collisions
Automobile and truck collisions take the lives of over 40,000 persons each year and leaving many more tens of thousands of persons seriously injured.
One of the most devastating injuries that anyone can experience is a third degree burn.
Construction Injuries
Each year in Washington there are many hard working people in the construction trades who become seriously injured.

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